Crepe Signature is primary to provide the natural taste of crepe with natural fruits and ingredients in take away kiosk concept. We are the pioneer in Malaysia food scene with More than 35 Flavors such as chocolate oreo, peanut, milo milk, chocolate banana, chicken ham, ice cream and etc.

Crepe Signature also provides cold drink such as chocolate, green apple, mango, strawberry, grape and cappuccino which is in milk shake or ice blended.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand more than 100 outlets in whole Malaysia and Singapore within these few years due to our new concept of products.

Our Mission

Crepe Signature mission is to provide the best quality of desserts and beverages to the customer in most efficient way. Besides, we focus to derive the customer satisfaction of “thank”, “smile” and “treasure” from every of Crepe Signature customers.

Key to Success

Crepe Signature is constantly improving and expanding its foods and service offering in a never ending pursuit of finding the perfection in fulfilling customer needs. Crepe Signature attributes its success largely to its dedicated management team that is both customer oriented and strictly control over food quality.

Its 4 keys success factors are:
- The Greatest Location
- The Best Products
- Friendlist Serves
- The creative Ideas